Animation & Interactive

Digital 2D Animation

Digital 2D Animation

Here we use cartoon animations to explain how your business benefit your customer. At doodle, Abu Dhabi, we have highly skilled, creative and talented team of 2D animation and Flash Animation makers who offer professional 2D animations for websites, corporate presentations, multimedia services, internet solutions, web marketing etc. We produce quality presentations which explain your business in a simple and attractive way.

Digital 3D Animation

Digital 3D Animation

If you need to explain something in detail, 3D animations are the best ways to accomplish it. Using this you can explain the complex functionalities of your latest engineering products to your employees & clients effectively. At doodle we have a talented team who can break your complex ideas in to simple 3D animation videos.

Typography Animation

Typography Animation Logo

Typography refers to a kind of art or technique of expression with animated text. In an Explainer video, this text is presented over time in a manner to convey a particular concept or logic. We have talented animation specialists who can do a better explainer video or animations with suitable typography animation.


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Script Animations

Script Animations Logo

There are two primary ways to create animations on the web: with CSS and with JavaScript. We have coders who are well versed with CSS and Java scripts. We create flexible layouts that work on mobile, desktop or any other devices.

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