An alternate road to be famous

Stardom is no more a dream now!


The world has taken a good whirl over the time and has now rolled in to a stage wherein social media is playing an excelling role in the lives of people around the globe. Now, not merely the movie and tv actors, politicians, comedians, sportsmen, can be celebrities; even you can become one if you have a facebook or any other social media account. Just post a picture or video on a social media website and you can bring in millions of views for your post within hours and in no time you can boost yourself in to stardom- a social media star. When you post something of public interest, people enunciate their views and inference through comments and likes in the social media and it can go viral around the globe. You can draw up people and create a fan group of your own and you and your posts may be a subject of debate online and offline at different geographic corners far away from your city. A bundle of people may criticize but many may compliment.  Such is the influence of social media in the modern world where today’s’ internet kin audience meet up.

Social media sites are creating strides over the internet grabbing the worlds’ attention through numerous websites and mobile applications. Social media in general includes all means of mass communication that are used by public to interact with the rest of the society, which comprises of facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, linkedin, youTube etc. They shorten the distance between people creating a communication bridge and geographic boundaries are no longer a stumbling block for people to share information and thoughts and convey regards with each other.

The social media is easily accessible and a major portion of today’s social media user population are youngsters and teenagers and they are visiting social media websites ever so often that these websites are currently evolving to be an inevitable part of their everyday lifestyles.  From being a platform for making friends and communicating with them, social media has now eventually grown in to a venue wherein socially significant issues are raised and discussed like disease awareness campaigns, health education, etc and they talk about things which are never talked before through social media. Online communities are created by people for sharing their thoughts among  a group of people of similar frequencies and for getting support, appreciation, knowledge and guidance.

Today’s internet people even benefit their businesses by making social media as an agency to promote and sell their products and expand their sales. From jumbo business brands like Microsoft and apple , to miniature establishments which are just around the corner and locally owned are now using social media as a platform to button down their target customers and reaching out to them. In contrast to traditional marketing techniques adopted by business agencies which include brochures, fliers, letters, emails, radio, television etc, and marketing through social media websites have proved to be more worthwhile. Advertising in social media is a great investment. You can attract new customers and create relationships and increase brand awareness among them by building trust and maintaining honesty. Social media can pick you even more treasured clients and thus can improve your business credibility.

In short, social media networking play a pivotal role in building, expanding, maintaining and nurturing personal and professional relationships thus and so bestowing copiously in integrating today’s world.




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    An alternate road to be famous