Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Having a presence online can make a huge difference in your business. Website is doubtlessly the best way to represent your brand online. Web development services are one of the key areas of our expertise.

Our web developers create websites that assure high conversion rates. We assure exceptional user experience via great user interfaces. Equipped with extremely talented professionals, our the skillset offered by us, one of the premium web development companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, embraces Photoshop CSS, HTML5, JQUERY, Illustrator, After Effects and a lot more. The websites developed by us loads swiftly. Besides being aesthetically appealing, they are exceptionally functional. Navigation is made simple and the entire development processes falls in line with SEO. We can develop any type and size of website, regardless of your purpose and target audience.

We follow the below process cycle to get your website done in the way you want it.


Phase 1: Analysis

In this stage we gather all your requirements through physical or online meetings. Our digital strategists discover the requirements professionally and solid understandings of the purpose & business goals are made. After this session, we have a strong idea of the purpose, business goals, target audience and Content structure.


Phase 2: Planning

Using the information gathered from phase 1 doodlers plan your website, and develop a site map. Our web design company in Abu Dhabi will ensure simple, consistent and easy navigational system in the website and select the most apt and advanced backed platform for website development


Phase 3: Designing

This is the most important phase where doodlers design your website home interface. Target audience and company branding guidelines are the major key factors doodlers consider in this phase. We create sketches and/ page mock ups that reflects the general appearance, look and feel of the website for visitors. Once these are reviewed and approved web development begins.


Phase 4: Creation

Then, our web development in Abu Dhabi, will create primary site web pages in the previously determined language to meet all the appearances, performances, and content requirements. Then primary pages can be reviewed by the client with appropriate feedback for revision.

Presentation Design

Phase 5: Development

The developmental stage is the point where the web site itself is created. At this time our experienced developers take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the actual, functional site. We implement and make functional elements such as the CMS (content management system) like WordPress, interactive contact forms, or eCommerce shopping carts during this phase. This phase includes writing valid HTML / CSS code that complies with current web standards, maximizing functionality, as well as accessibility for as large an audience as possible.

Presentation Design

Phase 6: Testing

At this point, our testing engineers do the final test of your web site. They test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, as well as testing for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), and ensures that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions. Also we ensure an error free backend coding tested perfectly.


Phase 7: Deployment

We at doodle provide Doodle cloud to host your website online. After complete development of the website, the hosting account is setup and website will be uploaded to server. Our experience developers ensure properly configured database connectivity and data backup for the website. Also we make sure whether the domain setup and DNS pointing are done correctly.


Phase 8: Maintenance

We have dedicated and talented professionals work around the clock to do website updates or maintenance on demand. Also our team ensure proactive monitoring of website and its functionality which ensure zero downtime of websites. We frequently scan website files for any virus or malware and make sure the website is free from any malicious contents. We have a dedicated malware removal team who take care of any malicious contents in your websites.

Professional Web Design

Logo Design

Websites are the most powerful & economical form of advertising. The estimated number of internet users in the Middle East is roughly 90 Million and is growing tremendously. 66% of consumers in Middle East use the internet to research products and services. The UAE is leading the e-commerce revolution in the Middle East with five in 10 people shopping for goods and services on the internet, according to the recent research by MasterCard. So a professional website is a must to compete effectively in today's market place. Doodle technologies is an Abu Dhabi based Web Development Company/Agency helping customers in UAE and overseas to design and develop professional websites.

At doodle we are absolutely business focused, so we know how significant your web presence is to your organization. A well designed website is a vital part of a modern marketing strategy. We don’t just design websites that look great, but they also bring quantifiable profits to your business.

Our experienced visualizers and architects are attentive in meeting unique requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner. We create the best web designs with uncompromising usability and simplicity which make sure customer satisfactory website design and this makes our company one of the top website designing firms in Abu Dhabi.

Web Production Process

Brochure Design

We build websites that perform, developed specifically to meet your business objectives. Our experienced Abu Dhabi based team of digital strategists, creative analysts and experienced developers carefully develop websites that take advantage of advanced techniques and maximize your returns. We believe that no two businesses are the same. Hence our main focus is to avail precisely tailor-made solutions that aptly suit the specific requirements a customer has. After we get an inquiry, our team scrutinizes the inputs provided and your business domain very carefully to come up with a strategy for proceeding further.

Responsive Design

Business card Design

It’s not luxury, it’s a necessity.

Nowadays internet users can be found everywhere. People can be found browsing the internet on their mobile devices at different places. Though the devices may vary, a well-designed responsive website remains common. In simple words responsive web design is the approach of designing and developing websites which respond to the user's environment and behavior based on orientation, device platform and screen size. In other words, your website is smart enough to detect when it is being displayed on a mobile device and automatically converts into a touch friendly format.

Why Responsive Design?

  • Over 60% of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices.
  • One website for multiple devices.
  • No separate URLs for same website and hence no duplicate content.
  • Since you have just one website, it is less expensive and easy to maintain.
  • Your website is optimally viewable on various Mobile devices with the least amount of zooming, panning, scrolling etc.
  • 48% of users say they feel irritated and annoyed when they browse to a site that’s not mobile-friendly.

How a Responsive Website Benefit Your Business?

mobile friendly website is vital not only for a better user experience, but also for being found online as it’s an essential aspect of a good SEO strategy (search engine optimisation). Over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device and Google have also launched Mobile friendly badges in the search results to help guide users on mobile devices.

This means that businesses with a mobile web design are likely to receive a higher volume of traffic from Google search than those who is not. Ultimately an increased volume of traffic will result in an increase in sales and leads for your business.

High Quality Standards

Other Designs

The most satisfying answer we ever found was: Design for YOUR audience first, the masses second.

The average internet-user might have a lower screen resolution. Of course, the general guideline is to optimize for your target audience's most common resolution, so the size will change in the future. It might even be a different size now, if, say, you're designing an intranet for a company that gives all employees big monitors.

Use a liquid layout that stretches to the current user's window size (that is, avoid frozen layouts that are always the same size).


With W3C standards you'll be able to have exciting website for your company which works on all the platforms and devices. W3C compliance basically means that the HTML and CSS code that a website is built with is fully compliant with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium. W3C is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web. Our developers follow W3C standards to build your website.

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