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    Driven by strategies & Led by Innovations – IT services company

    About us

    Doodle technologies is an Abu Dhabi based company, which was established in the year 2012. We are a fully integrated IT services company and  Solutions Provider offering branding and digital marketing solutions. We are also a Technology Consultancy firm specializing in IP Telephony (IP-PBX), Structured Cabling, Wireless Networking, CCTV, Security system and Time & Attendance System.

    With our unique blend of expertise, services and products portfolio, we can design, implement and support end to end solution for your organization. Therefore Doodle technologies is the best choice for organizations looking for a dependable IT partner that can provide complete solutions.

    We are a full bloom IT services company delivering services essentially in Cloud, Web, Digital marketing, and IT service in MiddleEast. Our team of experienced professionals backs us up to award the finest service to our clients exceeding their satisfaction.

    We focus on assuring comprehensive IT solutions and creative assistance for businesses regardless of their size, type or target audience. We have emerged as one of the trusted development and support companies in UAE over the years of experience.


    Branding Projects




    Web Applications


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    IT Infrastructure Implimentations

    Vison & Mission

    Understanding customer anticipations and exceeding their expectations by all means possible is what we envisage.

    Our ultimate aim is to excel and emerge as the most trusted and sought after hub for every type of IT and branding related requirements.

    Digital Marketing and Branding Service

    Our IT services company offers digital marketing and branding solutions to businesses of all sizes and shapes. Digital marketing is the use of digital platforms, such as search engines, banner advertising and social media. To drive traffic to a website or a particular product. Digital marketing is essential for any business that wants to be successful in today’s world because it gives your company an edge over your competitors. In fact, 92% of consumers prefer to connect with companies through their smartphones or tablets. We are the leading digital marketing companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    It’s easy to get started with digital marketing with our full-fledged services. You are just a call away. We are the best IT services company you can rely on for all your needs,

    IT services company

    Web development and hosting service

    You may have already heard of web development and hosting services. The term “web development” refers to the process of creating websites. While “hosting” refers to where you will store your website online. To get started with a new website or make changes to an existing one, you need domain name registration: this is what allows people on the Internet to visit your site by typing in the URL (the address) into their browser.

    Once you have a domain name, we can build out your site using HTML code and CSS styling sheets. This ensures that it looks great across all devices—from phones through desktops—and provides a framework for adding content later on down the road! We are ready to take your business online. We are the leading web development and hosting company in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    Structured cabling service

    Structured cabling is a network of cables that are used to connect the different devices of a building or structure. The objective of structured cabling is to simplify the process of installing and maintaining information technology (IT) equipment by making it easy for users to access various parts of their computer networks.

    Structured cabling services provide companies with reliable transmission lines, which can be connected to other types of conduit systems such as aerial, duct and direct burial conductors such as fiber optics.

    Network Cabling

    Network cabling allows organizations within an office building or complex networked system such as schools or hospitals have access to utilities like electricity without having any connection issues between two points in a network system. There are several different types available on today’s market including: Cat5e/6 (Category 5e/6), Cat6a (Category 6a), Fiber Optic Cable (.125″ diameter). We are the leading structured cabling services provides in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    IT services company

    CCTV camera service

    Our CCTV camera service is a comprehensive package that includes everything from installation and maintenance to repair, monitoring, and even surveillance. We have the expertise to complete all your CCTV projects, no matter how large or small they may be. From the initial consultation through to project completion, we will work with you on every step of the way. Our IT services company offers all the solutions your want under one roof.

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