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    What is Microsoft 365 ?

    Email 365, also known as Microsoft 365 or Office 365, is a cloud-based suite of productivity and collaboration tools developed by Microsoft. It is designed to cater to the communication and productivity needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals. Email 365 encompasses a wide range of applications and services, with email hosting being one of its core features.

    Key components of Microsoft 365 include:

    Email Hosting:

    Office Applications:

    Collaboration Tools:

    Cloud Storage:

    Security Features:

    Productivity Enhancement:

    Flexibility and Scalability:

    Mobile Accessibility:

    Benefits of Email 365 by Doodle Technologies

    Enhanced Productivity:

    Advanced Security:



    Cost Efficiency:

    Why Choose Us for cloud services in UAE?

    Doodle Technologies stands out as the best Microsoft certified services provider in the UAE, offering a wide range of features and benefits that empower businesses to harness the power of the cloud. Here are the key features of our company as a leading cloud solutions provider:

    Best email 365 Partner in the region

    As a leading Microsoft 365 partner, Doodle Technologies provides seamless access to Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based productivity tools. Our expertise in Microsoft 365 ensures that your business gets the most out of these powerful applications, boosting collaboration, efficiency, and security. 

    Microsoft 365 Implementation

    Our company makes Microsoft 365 implementation a breeze. Our team of experts will assess your organization’s unique requirements and tailor the implementation process to fit your needs. From initial setup to configuration and user training, we ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft 365. 

    Migration to M365

    Moving your existing email system to Microsoft 365 is a strategic choice for modern businesses. Doodle Technologies simplifies the migration process, ensuring that your data is securely and efficiently transferred to the cloud. Say goodbye to downtime and disruptions while transitioning to a more efficient and collaborative email environment. 

    M365 Backup (CloudAlly)

    Protecting your critical data is non-negotiable. Doodle Technologies partners with CloudAlly to offer robust Microsoft 365 backup solutions. Safeguard your emails, documents, and SharePoint data with automated, secure, and reliable cloud backup. Be prepared for any data loss scenario, from accidental deletions to security breaches, and recover your data with ease. 

    Email Signature Management

    Your email signature is more than just contact information; it’s a branding opportunity. Doodle Technologies provides advanced email signature management solutions, allowing you to maintain consistent, professional, and compliant email signatures across your organization. Leave a lasting impression on every email you send. 

    Certified Microsoft Support engineers & expert service

    Boost your business communication and productivity with Email 365 by Doodle Technologies. Contact us today to learn more about how our Microsoft 365 solutions can transform your organization in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Your journey to enhanced collaboration and efficiency begins with us!