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    CCTV/ IP Camera

    CCTV/ IP Camera

    Our company deals with all kinds of HD CCTV Camera for both residential and  commercial purposes.

    EPABX System

    EPABX System

    We are the most reliable intercom system providers in Abu Dhabi with mordern technology.

    DVR/NVR Systems

    DVR/NVR Systems

    We are the top dealers in sorts of Digital Video Recorder and network video recorder in Abu Dhabi.

    Time Attendance Machine

    Time Attendance Machine

    Our company supplies all kinds of machines to deal with time and attendance systems in your company.

    Access Control System

    Access Control System

    Looking for access control systems? We got you covered, as we supply machines with latest technology.

    Video Door Phone

    Video Door Phone

    Monitor and secure your buildings with a wide range of Video door phones right away. 


    Best CCTV Provider in Abu Dhabi

    The primary concern of your business space and home should be security. As a part of that, it is important to secure your premises from internal threats and intruders. For this, a CCTV system is mandatory. With the help of CCTV, it is possible to monitor the things happening around and could be alarmed at the right time. If you are looking for a CCTV provider in Abu Dhabi, Doodle Technologies is the best choice. Nowadays, it is a must-needed requirement for your business or home to have a CCTV Camera. Call us for CCTV camera installation service in Abu Dhabi.

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    Are you looking for the Best CCTV Company in Abu Dhabi?

    Just like the decision to implement CCTV, Choosing the best CCTV Company in Abu Dhabi is also important. Doodle Technologies provides best-in-class service in CCTV which includes CCTV installations, Maintenance, etc. For the clients who plan to associate in long term, attractive annual maintenance contracts are also available which will give the clients to have a hassle-free experience. The client can choose from a wide range of products for their need.

    cctv provider in abu dhabi

    ADMCC Approved CCTV Company in Abu Dhabi

    Doodle Technologies is a leading ADMCC approved CCTV providing company in Abu Dhabi. Being a responsible CCTV provider, our goal is to deliver the best-in-class quality service to the customers. Our team will carry out the whole procedure from Survey to Installation professionally. We make sure that the procedure meets every requirement issued by the authority (ADMCC). With the quality service, we partnered with the following brands:

    PABX System

    We assure you to be in a right technology by technical support, upgradation and professional services that best matches your needs, including the firewalls and the End point protections.


    It becomes difficult to carry on with the proprietary systems with the passage of time. It is not easy to add more phone lines to a proprietary system because this would be requiring expensive hardware modules. Well, the case is quite different from an IP Pbx phone system. You can easily add up extensions and phone lines. Expanding your IP phone becomes an easy job this way.

    IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for technologies, products and services that use the Internet Protocol’s packet-switched connections to support voice calling, voicemail, video calling, video conferencing, faxing and instant messaging (IM).

    IP telephony refers to any phone system that uses an internet connection to send and receive voice data. Unlike a regular telephone that uses landlines to transmit analog signals, IP phones connect to the internet via a router and modem.

    There are a number of different features you can opt for when installing a PBX system, Which depens on the type of PABX. Some of these include:

    • Call routing;
    • Auto attendants;
    • Call to email or text transcriptions;
    • Call groups and conference calling;
    • Call intercept;
    • Mobile app integration; and
    • CRM integration.


    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Call privilege settings
    • Allows internal calls via extension numbers
    • Real-time call records and system management for business are possible

    Short for private branch extension or private branch exchange, PBX is a local telephone switching system used to serve a limited area such as a business. Users of the PBX are connected to a small number of outside lines for making external calls, thus saving on communication expenses

    Also known as a Virtual Receptionist, it allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of a live operator. Typically, the Auto Attendant is included in a business phone system.

    As many users as you’d like. Your PBX package will include a certain number of users with additional users available at a certain rate.

    If you aren’t sure which of the aforementioned PBX systems is best suited to your needs, here are a few tips to help you make that decision.

    Cost of the system: One of the biggest determining factors, especially for small businesses, you need to look at the cost of installation and running, as well as whether you’ll be saving money in the long run.

    Internet connection: You will need to test your internet connection to determine whether it’s suited to IP and cloud-based VoIP systems. There are freely-available speed checkers that can assess your upload and download speeds.

    Your telephone needs: Determine your communication needs, such as international or local calls, more outgoing or incoming calls? These will help you decide.

    Features required: Although PBX features can be extensive, there’s no use paying for them if you’re not going to be using them.

    Staff input: Make sure you give your staff the opportunity to voice their opinion on the matter as they will be the ones using the system.

    Why Doodle Technologies?

    Door step Service delivery

    On-time service guarantee

    Background verified professionals

    Affordable pricing

    100% Customer support

    How we help –  To get your CCTV  installed at ease in Abu Dhabi


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    Normally this is rather difficult to choose a suitable camera for your application. before installation, we focus on many essential aspects to attain the proper functionality that fulfils your requirements

    We offer the best CCTV installation services in Dubai, If you choose us, you’ll never again have to worry about the security system of your workplace or home. we offer quality service that the system works adequately and there’s no deficiency of security at the site

    We offer so many types of CCTV cameras according to the needs of your every requirement. so each CCTV cameras have different prices and specifications. If you require assistance regarding a particular CCTV camera and price details, please do not hesitate to get in contact. we are always glad to give information at no charges

    1.Cost-effectiveness 2. Have features and conference calls facilities. 3. Real-time call records and system management for business are possible. 4. Allows internal calls via extension numbers. 5.Call privilege settings

    Yes, We offer CCTV camera maintenance and repair services to our customers. please get in contact us . after careful analysing of our expert team members, we take maintenance services from our customers

    Yes, We are an authorized CCTV security solution providers in UAE.

    MCC Approved sole purpose is to manage and control the use of monitoring and control equipment at places and facilities, both public and private, and to analyze data collected by this equipment.

    MCC Approved the main goal will be to prevent crime and detect offenders, keep security and public order in the Emirates, and continue the work of monitoring and control systems as well as their integration and interdependence with other monitoring systems in the Emirate.

    IP surveillance systems offer you many advantages that traditional CCTV systems don’t. They offer: · Higher resolution · Easy install · Improved capabilities for the cost · Faster and more reliable · Easy to manage · Easy to meet IT compliance regulations · And more!

    For an IP surveillance system, you’ll need the actual IP cameras, an NVR or other type of storage system, accessories such as a microphones and speakers generally will come built into the cameras so additional parts will not be required. At Surveillance Secure, we can help determine your needs and set you up with the best equipment for your budget.

    We mainly emphasize protecting customers’ data. We convey ingrained care and every safeguard and offer the help of recent available technological solutions to secure our customer’s business information data is entirely unassailable.

    World class technology at your fingertip