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Migrate your emails to premium solutions at affordable cost. We Doodle Technologies, Abu Dhabi’s No #1 Email Hosting Company provide industry-leading email hosting solutions, professional migration and implementation service.

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    Why Choose Doodle Technologies:
    Email Hosting Solutions in UAE

    Discover the Doodle Advantage for Comprehensive Email Services

    Personalized Support

    We have Microsoft certified professionals to aid in the implementation and maintenance of your Office 365 services.

    Deploying Expert Level Migration Seamlessly

    Experienced and expert unit of professionals to migrate data from any type of platform to Office 365

    Partnership with Industry-Leading Providers

    We are most competent in the market with a partnership with industry leading providers such as Microsoft, Google Rackspace, and so on.

    Email Security

    With Doodle Technologies agile methods and advanced techniques save your company from aspersions, unsolicited emails, malware, spoofing, spam email, illicit and threatening content. We save you from the hassle with ease via blocking all the junk which slows your progress.

    Email Backup

    We understand the importance of having a backup of your emails which most of email providers doesn’t have built-in. We have expertise to implement a proper backup for your emails server, irrespective of which platform you are hosted, according to your compliance requirements.

    Centralised Email Signature Management

    Manage everyone’s email signature from one console. So the signature can be updated for everyone in one single click. You can design different signature for different departments. We help you integrate this feature with Office 365 and G Suite customers.

    Email Solutions Providers in UAE: Comprehensive Overview

    In the UAE, various email solutions providers offer a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. These solutions encompass productivity suites, collaboration tools, and email hosting services, each designed to enhance organizational communication and efficiency. Below is an expanded overview of some notable offerings:

    Microsoft 365

    Our team of experienced cloud consultants understands the unique requirements of businesses in the UAE. We provide tailored cloud consulting services to help you assess your current infrastructure, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop a roadmap for successful cloud adoption. With our guidance, you can leverage the full potential of the cloud while minimizing risks and maximizing returns on your investment.

    Google Workspace

    Google Workspace is a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. It includes popular applications such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Meet. The platform is designed for streamlined collaboration, allowing real-time editing, secure cloud storage, and easy communication. It’s ideal for businesses looking for an integrated solution to enhance team collaboration and workflow management.

    Cloud Mail

    Cloud Mail is recognized for its stability and affordability as an email hosting solution. It provides businesses with reliable email services hosted in the cloud, ensuring high availability and secure access to email communications. This solution is particularly suited for companies looking for a cost-effective yet reliable email hosting service, with the added benefits of scalability and simplified management.

    Open Exchange

    Built on the powerful OX7 platform, Open Exchange offers more than just email hosting; it’s a comprehensive solution that includes file storage and collaboration tools. It’s designed to facilitate seamless communication and efficient teamwork, providing a robust platform for businesses needing reliable email services combined with file sharing and storage capabilities.

    Shared Email Server

    This is an economical email hosting solution tailored for small businesses. The Shared Email Server offers a cost-effective way to manage email communications, providing basic functionalities needed for efficient email management without the high costs associated with more advanced systems. It’s ideal for small enterprises looking for an affordable entry point into email hosting.

    Hybrid Cloud Mail & Microsoft 365

    Combining the flexibility of cloud mail with the comprehensive features of Microsoft 365, this hybrid solution offers businesses the ultimate platform for productivity and communication. It leverages the benefits of both systems, providing a versatile and powerful tool for businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and collaborative efforts.

    Each of these solutions is designed to meet the specific communication and collaboration needs of businesses in the UAE, providing them with the tools necessary to enhance their productivity and operational efficiency.

    Comprehensive Email Solutions In UAE: Secure, Spam-Free, and Seamless Migration 

    Tired of receiving SPAM emails?

    We have collaborated with security providers to enable our customers with secured email communication. We understand the risks of SPAMs and implement proper SPAM filtering tools for email users.

    Business Emails For your Domain

    Using a business email with your own domain screams professionalism and trust. It boosts your brand, tightens security, and integrates seamlessly with your tools, paving the way for growth. It's a small step that makes a big difference in how serious you look to the world.

    Migrate Emails Professionally Without Downtime

    Afraid of downtime and data loss during migration? We do email migration with no downtime and data loss. We are expertise in migrating email data from one platform to another

    Expert Guidance for Tailored Email Solutions

    Can’t decide on the best option for your needs? Chat with our experts! Our seasoned professionals will guide you through the nuances of security, integration, and pricing aspects of email hosting and email solutions in the UAE, ensuring you select the perfect fit for your company.

    Streamlined Email Management: Enhance Your Communications

    Upgrade your email infrastructure with specialized solutions engineered for peak performance and dependability. Our selected categories guarantee that your email system is strong, securely backed up, and reflects your professional brand.

    Optimize your email ecosystem with these strategic solutions, each promising to streamline, secure, and sophisticate your business communications, catering to the dynamic needs of your organization. 

    Email Security

    Upgrade your email infrastructure with specialized solutions engineered for peak performance and dependability. Our selected categories guarantee that your email system is strong, securely backed up, and reflects your professional brand.

    Email Backup

    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud & CloudAlly: Secure your critical email data with dependable backup solutions, offering peace of mind through enhanced data protection and swift recovery options.

    Email Signature Management

    Exclaimer: Maintain a consistent and professional brand image across all email correspondences with advanced signature management, streamlining your organization’s branding and compliance effortlessly.

    Email Data Migration: Smooth and Secure

    Efficient Transition with Uncompromised Data Integrity

    Opt for Doodle Technologies, the best choice for a streamlined and worry-free email data migration service that is tailored to your business needs. Our service guarantees the accurate and secure transfer of your email data, ensuring its integrity is maintained throughout the migration process. Specializing in meticulous planning, precise execution, and comprehensive validation, Doodle Technologies delivers a seamless migration experience. This approach minimizes downtime and maintains your operational continuity. Choose Doodle Technologies for your email data migration and experience a flawless transition to your new email environment, where every detail is managed with utmost precision and care.

    Email Marketing Solution - Where Emails Translate to Engagement

    Boost Your Campaigns with Doodle Technologies

    Seeking effective email marketing solutions? Doodle Technologies is at your service, offering advanced tools and strategies to improve your email campaign outcomes. Our services are designed to optimize your email engagement, amplify your message, and improve your overall marketing success. Trust in our expertise to refine your email marketing approach with targeted, data-driven insights.

    SMTP Solution

    Dependable SMTP Services by Doodle Technologies

    Looking for reliable SMTP solutions? Doodle Technologies delivers robust SMTP services, ensuring fast, secure, and consistent email delivery. Our solution is perfect for handling both your transactional and bulk email needs, providing scalability, high deliverability, and continuous service. Count on us to be your steadfast partner in email delivery, catering to all your SMTP requirements.

    Implementing Office 365 for your organization?

    Do you want to yield more productivity?
    What are you waiting for ?

    Let the experts handle everything and help you to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 seamlessly. Doodle Technologies being competent in cloud solutions, we are a Silver Microsoft Partner. With Doodle Technologies you can access and avail agile, knowledgeable and expert unit of team and superior services, regardless of whether you already possess Office 365 or are on the search of purchasing it. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure you gain maximum benefits from our services.

    Need help choosing a suitable email solution at an affordable price?